Did you like your set?

I can clip it from an Open Mic that I record.  The cost is $15 per set.  In the event of a lightning round on the same night, it will be included at no extra cost (remind me if you played in it).

What You Get

You will get the following for your money:

  • Your video will be clipped to as best an introduction as possible and end at an appropriate time for your set.
  • A title image before you video showing it to be from AcoustiCafe, the date, and your name (or known name)
  • An ending that will mention more about AcoustiCafe and WesMasonMedia.
  • Your video (1080p) via a Google Drive link shared to you for you to download to your computer.  Links are valid for one month.
  • A link to your video on my channel in the AcoustiCafe playlist.  This will usually go public in a few weeks after I send it to you.
  • You can share the YouTube link, it helps promote the event and my work.  But let me know so I can make it public sooner.  I can also add your links to it and a better description.
  • If you plan to post the video on your own YouTube, send me a link and I will hide the video on my site and add your video to a playlist pointing to my work on other sites.
  • The knowledge that you are helping to support the time and effort put in to help promote AcoustiCafe via the livestreams and people re-watching and sharing of the livestream.

I'm Sold, Take My Money

Step 1: Fill Out The Form
The form will ask for all the information I’ll need.  Please fill it out first.

Step 2: Pay Me
You can send me $15 via PayPal or Venmo.  If your name is different than any other information you put in the form, put something in the comment to help me know it was you.

The following buttons have the amount embedded in them.  If you are asking for multiple sets or other changes, please adjust the amount as required.

Some Examples

Below are some examples of the work I have created for artists.  If you need more, you can visit my Playlist.

When are you there?

My current schedule is the First and Third Mondays of each Month.  I am not limited to those days, but those are the usual days I am there.  If you are curious about a specific day, please email me or message me on Facebook.

You Stream This Too, Right?

This is correct!  Since June 2021 when Mr. Smalls Funhouse reopened, I came in and started streaming every week.  Since that day, the schedule was eventually shifted to First and Third Mondays, with the occasional Month off for other work I do.  If you would like to hunt those streams down, you can find them below.  The AcoustiCafe Facebook page is the most complete.  If you have the right tools, I’m sure you can clip your video yourself, and feel free to do so.

The difference between the above and what you’ll get for your $15 is:

  • The videos above are 720p
  • In the most recent months advertisements have been added.
  • Video switching while live is done on a best effort.
  • There may be potential audio sync issues due to the nature of streaming.