What You Get

Unless noted, you will have the following items and options:

  • Recording and/or Live stream at 1080p/30fps.
  • Up to 6 cameras (live stream) or 7 cameras (recordings).
  • Output to most common streaming platforms. Ex. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter/X, Twitch. Other platforms, please ask. Multiple simultaneous stream options are available.
  • Download link to raw video upon request.
  • Download link of live stream output or a basic edit-down of all cameras for recordings.
  • Audio mix-down from board.
  • Basic livestream on-screen assets (Start Page, BRB Page, Ending Page)

To maintain quality, any new event spaces will visited prior to the show to verify requirements and space needs.

Standard Live Events

Typical live events are when the entire thing is recorded and/or live streamed. This is usually when the entire event is hosted by someone and they want to record it or stream it for a wider audience.

$50/hrSetup Time / Standby (typically 2 hours).
$100/hrRecording time from expected start of show till end, rounded up to the next hour.
$150/hrLive stream time from expected start time of show till end, rounded up to the next hour.

Multiple Band/Set Live Events

This option is for bands that may be part of a line up. For these events, at least one hour or more of the set time needs to join in. (usually two bands or more) This is required to minimize disruption as we need to setup before the event starts and pack up after the show is over. There may be a setup charge depending on the venue and how much earlier we would need to be on site.

All bands will be recorded, but any bands that are not participating their footage will be archived and not used. Any band recorded can later request and pay for their set assuming the footage is still available.

$60Bands that play around 30 minutes or less.
$100Bands that play more than 45 minutes but less than an hour.
$150Bands that play more than one hour but less than two.

Festival Live Events

Please contact directly for event pricing and your requirements.

Special Case Events

I have a limited number of events I do annually at a reduced price typically based on my interest, their worth, and my availability. If my costs are prohibitive for some reason, make your case and I will consider what options I can offer you in return. There is nothing guaranteed but I don’t want you to feel that you will be rejected outright. I love to support the music community in Pittsburgh and I understand many people starting out need a break. If I’m able to, I’d love to offer that for you.