If you received a card with a QR code and a number on it, you can scan this QR with your phone’s camera or a QR code reader. There are plenty available in your phone’s app store.

If the QR code does not seem to work but the number is readable then you can enter it here:

These numbers are in the format of 00000-00000. Anything else will not work. If the code does not take you to your images and instead you get a 404 page, then it may be possible your photos have not been uploaded yet. Depending on the event, it may take more than a few hours or they may be uploaded at the end of the day. Worst case the photos will be uploaded once I get back from the event (assuming hotel Wi-Fi was just awful, we’ve all been there).

If your photos do not show up, please contact me at wesley.mason@gmail.com. If you have lost your code, send me an image (selfie?) of you in your costume. I can usually find you this way, it just takes time as I need to look through all photos taken at the event. The codes are each unique on purpose to make it very hard to guess them.