Maybe You've Seen Us?

Currently running regular streaming events at AcoustiCafe Open Stage and Hambone's Open Mic.  Additionally you may have seen some of our videos on our YouTube Channel.

About Us

Specializing in small to medium scale video event coverage with a key point of mobility.  Our cameras can be placed on location at your event almost anywhere, with or without power available*.  If you, your band, or your event is looking to record or stream, we can do it.

Setups can include:

  • One to five cameras (1080p)
  • Board line in or field recorder
  • One to four RGB panel lights for fill in and accenting
  • Recordings on a per camera basis plus a recording of the stream in case of recovery from a streaming failure.

* Power is required for longer than 4 hour events.  Power and Internet is required for streaming events. 

What We Use

2021-05-22 Grandview Park-52021-05-22 Grandview Park-5 2021-05-22 Grandview Park-42021-05-22 Grandview Park-4

We use low profile battery powered cameras, up to five, to capture your performance from all angles.  Their battery range is over 4 hours of use on a single charge and can be extended if needed.  For longer running events or streaming we use wire runs to provide power and local network.

Our lights are relatively standard RGB panels with a wide range of static colors and some automated color cycling and modes.  We have on hand four that can be placed around your space for fill-in and color accents.

For streaming you also get:

  • a Title screen
  • a BRB screen (in case of issue during stream)
  • an Ending screen
  • an on-screen "bug" (logo in the lower 1/3)
  • basic on-screen text overlay

More complex layouts can be created but may incur a fee and require more design time.  Assets (logos and text content) need to be provided as soon as possible to ensure enough time for screens and overlays to be created.



Current prices are as follows:

  Description   Cost
Video Recording $100/hr
Video Streaming + Recording $150/hr
Editing Video (one editing hour per Recording hour included in above) $25/hr
Clips from existing Open Mic videos $15/set









You can contact us directly via the "Book A Session" button or via any of the above Social Media.